Thank you for the free will,

a carpet of grass,

green forests, blue seas,

emerald rivers

Thank you for the rain forest,

laughing monkeys, venomous serpents,

iridescent birds,

cows rich with milk, and diligent bees

Thank you for the Word,

letters, written paper, love letters,

lost telegrams,

children full of laughter

Thank you for life,

memories, clear days and dark nights,

first kiss, starry skies,

where the moon dwells, and dreams

are like carpets of the Milky Way -

Thank you for the happiness,

rolling back to past times,

to ancestors and future generations,

evasive companion of my soul,

eyes and the body.

Thank you for eternity,

for being with me, my children,

my love,

for not tormenting and scolding me,

not nurturing lies and deceits,

breathing with and comforting me,

when I'm lost in time,

passing away.

Thank you does not suffice, as it's not a word,

a tear or blood

thank you is the freedom,

given to me to play with.

I just press the button,

and see war, famine and fear,

children with dead eyes,

deprived of mother's milk

How many more thanks must I give,

pleading our hearts not to break,

our eyes not to drown in tears,

the blue planet

not to turn back to stone.